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Single Coupling (MEK)

The MARTIN Single Coupling MEK for connecting flexible hydraulic lines. Used for connecting hydraulic hoses and lines which must transmit high forces and have extremely compact dimensions. The hydraulic reaction forces are absorbed by a simple and rigid locking device.

The MARTIN Single Coupling MEK is designed primarily for rough on-going site work, but can also be used in the workshop or laboratory. The in-house-developed single coupling has next to no leakage when coupling and uncoupling. The single coupling is produced as standard with a residual pressure eliminator. This ensures a coupling of pressurised systems with the minimum of effort. The small outside diameter in relation to the flow cross-section is practically unparalleled. The small gap dimension, the high-quality seals and materials ensure a long service life.

MARTIN Single Coupling (MEK)


  • Simple and quick connection of hydraulic lines
  • Long service life due to high-quality materials
  • Reduced seal wear due to small gap dimension
  • Fluidics-optimised oil flow – low pressure loss
  • Operating pressure up to 420 bar
  • Higher litre output – 500 l/min
  • Compact dimensions in comparison to other systems

Technical information on the MEK

Nominal width 32 mm 38 mm
Max. operating pressure 420 bar 420 bar
Max. pulse pressure 420 bar 420 bar
Min. bursting pressure 1300 bar 1300 bar
Pressure loss at max. litre output 3 bar
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +45 °C -20 °C to +45 °C
Oil temperature -20 °C to +100 °C -20 °C to +100 °C
Hydraulic medium ATF, mineral and synthetic oil (ester based)
Weight of MEK connector approx. 2,2 kg approx. 3,0 kg
Weight of MEK socket approx. 2,5 kg approx. 3,7 kg
Outside diameter from 73 mm from 76 mm
Coupled length approx. 275 mm approx. 295 mm
Standard connection G1 1/4" S38* / G1 1/2"
SAE connection on request on request
Max. litre output 350 l /min 450 l /min

* DIN 3861/DIN EN ISO 8434-1

MARTIN Single Coupling (MEK)

MARTIN Single Coupling (MEK)
1 ... socket, 2 ... connector, 3 ... protection cap


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