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Multi-Coupling (MMK4 H2/MMK6 H2)

MARTIN couplings serve as a connecting element between machines and attachments. The MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK is a patented system for connecting several hydraulic lines by means of a single lever movement. The retaining forces are absorbed through the FLAT STAR® couplings. The housing is not stressed. This means that the MMK remains almost wear-free.

The MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK is designed for rough on-going site operations as well as for clean use in the workshop. To prevent damage to the couplings, coupling must be achieved without residual pressure. However, if the residual pressure in the lines cannot be dissipated, connectors with residual pressure eliminators can be used.

MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK6


  • Connection and separation of several hydraulic lines using one lever movement
  • Reduced closing and opening forces, hence negligible wear
  • Operating pressure up to 350 bar
  • Visualisation of the operating state through the lock indicator
  • High quality standard due to use of latest technologies
  • Very good price/performance ratio

Technical information on the MMK4/MMK6

Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Max. pulse pressure 420 bar
Minimum bursting pressure 1060 bar
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +45 °C
Media temperature -20 °C to +100 °C
Media fluids ATF, mineral and synthetic oil (ester based)
Weight of MMK4 housing approx. 13 kg
Weight of MMK4 cover approx. 6 kg
Weight of MMK6 housing approx. 20 kg
Weight of MMK6 cover approx. 8 kg
Coupling type FLAT STAR® quick-release plug-in couplings
Connection thread 1¼"

MARTIN-Multikupplung MMK4/MMK6 Konstruktion

MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK4/MMK6
MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK4/MMK6
MARTIN Multi-Coupling MMK4/MMK6

Handling errors can be prevented through clear identification of the function of the multi-coupling. The correct position of the couplings to one another can be guaranteed using the indexing pin.

The lock indicator indicates the problem-free connection of all couplings. The multi-coupling is therefore operational ready.


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